Alberto Del Rio Explains Why He Left WWE Last Year

Alberto Del Rio

During an interview with Awful Announcing, Alberto El Patron (aka Alberto Del Rio) explained why he left WWE last year.

“I worked for that company for eight years. My first run with the company, I got fired because I stood up for myself against a racist employee who was making racist jokes against Mexicans. That’s in the past because the company ended up calling me again, we shook hands, we made peace and everything and I ended up going back for a second time. But when I was there, I realized that was not what I wanted any more. The company is the biggest company in the world when it comes to pro wrestling, it was the major leagues of pro wrestling, but after being there and making a name for myself, with them giving me a place to showcase my talent and show the world who Alberto Del Rio really is, I realized I didn’t need them anymore.”

“When you work for a company like that, you have to be on the road 220-230 days per year, and then I realized I could be making the same amount of money but doing only 120-150 days per year. So I decided to take it and go back to the indie circuit, the indie promotions, just to be my own boss. So I called the owner, Vince McMahon, I said ‘I don’t feel happy with what we’re doing at the moment, I don’t like the schedule, I want to be free again, so if you don’t mind, just let me go.’ I still had two months left on my contract, and he was asking me to stay for those two months, and I said ‘No, I want to leave now, I’m unhappy and I’m starting to lose the love, the passion for pro wrestling. And for someone who was born in the business like myself, that’s unacceptable, something like that is unacceptable, so just please let me go.’ And he did.”

“So I started working for Combate, for Impact Wrestling, for all the indie promotions around the world. So now my calendar, I go all over the world, I go from England to Monterey, Mexico, to Washington to Europe to do something in Spain and then go back to do something in Mexico. But I’m enjoying myself, I’m enjoying my career again, I’m in love with pro wrestling once again, and I have time to spend with my family, I’m back with my kids, being involved in all their sports activities and their school activities, and I’m feeling better this way.”

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