Bobby Roode on Keeping His Name In WWE NXT, Possibly Going to the Main Roster, More

Bobby Roode

Bobby Roode recently sat down with Brian Fritz of Sporting News at this link. Below are highlights from their conversation:

SN: Now you’re with NXT and Samoa Joe is there, Austin Aries is there, Eric Young is there, AJ Styles is on the WWE roster doing great things as the WWE Champion. Did their move to the WWE and the way they did it, did that change the landscape of the business to you? Guys that were in TNA, they go to WWE and a lot of the fanbase there knew who they were and they’ve had great success in the company already.

BR: Yeah, for sure. The first guy that comes to mind is Samoa Joe. Joe and I, we have a long history together before he came to WWE and seeing him excel and succeed with NXT for the last year before I got here kind of opened my eyes to different things and go me thinking a little bit when my contract was coming up with TNA. I think it’s been great for the industry. I think it’s been great for sports entertainment, getting to see guys like Samoa Joe who, back in the day, let’s be honest, Samoa Joe isn’t the kind of guy you would see on top in the WWE. It just goes to show that this business is evolving and the fans have such a great input now. Samoa Joe had a huge fanbase coming there so I think it opened up the WWE’s eyes as well.

SN: Was there ever a concern that you would not use the Bobby Roode name and did you already start thinking of other names?

BR: Obviously, the WWE had a history of changing guys names and personas and stuff. Joe got to keep his name, Austin got to keep his name, AJ got to keep his name so I got to thinking, I’m hoping that if I get there I’ll be able to keep what I have. Honestly, Triple H said that all of us, even guys like Shinsuke Nakamura, we all have a fanbase. He have a following and in this day and age it would be kind of silly to change that. I wasn’t thinking of names that’s for sure. I thought it they wanted to change my name they would probably have a name in mind. I’m just fortunate enough to be Bobby Roode and be comfortable out there doing what I love to do.

SN: For you, do you think you will be content to remain with NXT or is the goal to make it to the WWE roster?

BR: The way that I look at it, NXT is such a hot brand. It’s probably the hottest brand under the WWE umbrella right now. It’s not viewed any more, in my opinion, as a developmental territory. It is but it’s a touring brand now and we have our own television show. If TakeOver is any sign, selling out the Barclays with over 15,000-plus people for an NXT event, it’s a brand and I’m happy to be a part of that brand. I’m happy to be a big part of that brand right now. Wherever my career takes me, whether it be “moving up to the main roster” or staying in NXT doing what I’m doing now, I’m quite content having my passion back for this business and doing what I love to do.

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