Carmella Explains Why She Changed Her Hair Color


Why did Carmella change her hair color?

After ditching her blonde hair for a darker shade, “The Princess of Staten Island” explained why she made the change in this backstage interview with Kayla Braxton at SmackDown LIVE.

“I don’t know, I just wanted to change. I mean, this is my natural hair color. I wanted to go back to my roots, no pun intended. I just wanted to change,” Carmella said.

On the reaction online, Carmella said, “I mean, it’s no surprise. Everything I do, everyone is talking about it because I am “Main Event Mella” and “Mella is Money.” But in all seriousness, I mean, I guess it’s just a change. People are used to seeing me with blonde hair and so far the reactions have been pretty good, so I’ll take it.”

So is this a permanent thing?

“I mean, for right now, I’m going to stay, I’m going to stay dark, I’m going to stay brunette. But you never know what happens. But I think so far brunettes have more fun,” Carmella said.