Is There Heat Between Nikki Bella and AJ Lee?

Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella apparently has no interest in working with reigning WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee. conducted an interview with Nikki promoting Total Divas in the United Kingdom and she interestingly indicated that she would prefer to feud with Paige over the title rather than AJ. In fact, she hopes Paige takes the title off of AJ so they can feud.

“I want that Divas Championship. When I train in the gym and when I go to the ring early and train, all I think about is getting that Divas Championship. How can I be impressive? How can I have the crowd be behind me and connect with me and want me to be the Divas Champion?

“I think about that all the time, all the time! That’s what’s on my vision board. I truly hope to get that Championship back. I had it for a week, and I want a longer reign than that. I want to make that Championship mean something. I want to get great storylines.

“And if anything I hope Paige takes it off of AJ and Paige and I go into a story. I would love to take it off Paige. That would be awesome. Hopefully Paige and I can do something after her and AJ are done, but we’ll see.”

While we won’t know for sure about this possible friction, her remarks are a strong indication that Nikki does not want to work with AJ and does not like her being Divas Champion.