Lilian Garcia On Returning To WWE For WrestleMania 34, This Year’s Hall of Fame Class

Lilian Garcia

Lilian Garcia is returning to WWE for one more night as she will handle ring announcements for the first-ever Women’s WrestleMania Battle Royal on April 8. Many people are very excited that Lilian will appear again for WWE, including her.

On the latest edition of her Chasing Glory podcast, Garcia talked about what WrestleMania means to her, but WWE as well because fan support helped her get through a rather difficult portion of her life in recent years.

“The WWE Universe is just a family really to me,” Garcia said. “It’s what keeps me going, it’s what helped me through you know my highs and my lows, man. I had a lot of lows and especially in these last two years and you know having to leave and all those things that happened with my dad and losing him and all. It was the WWE Universe that helped me get through it all.”

“I’m going back home in New Orleans where I was actually at before when we did WrestleMania and it was there. And it was just — it’s so much fun in New Orleans, like come on.”

“Bourbon Street was just going crazy, there was a karaoke bar I actually sang at the karaoke bar. We had so much fun so I can’t wait to go back and just partake. The Hall Of Fame is gonna be amazing I mean to think about all of the people that are getting inducted that I got to work with.”

Garcia is very excited about appearing at WrestleMania but she’s also thrilled to attend the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony as well. She had the pleasure of working with many of this year’s inductees including two who were among the first people to welcome her into the locker room when she joined WWE in 1999.

“I got to work with Jeff Jarrett, and Ivory, and the Dudley Boyz and you name it — I mean everybody that’s getting inducted is like I’ve pretty much worked with them.”

“Mark Henry and The Rock, I’ve said this before they were the two who like really first befriended me as far as outside of the women’s locker room. In the women’s locker room, Ivory was the very first one that really was just super welcoming just awesome, awesome human being. She’s got such a spirit. Just lights up a room when she walks in.”