Matt Hardy May Have Just Retired From WWE, Says “It’s Time To Go Home”

Matt Hardy

After wrestling at last night’s WWE live event in Corpus Christi, Texas, Matt Hardy posted a video on YouTube saying — in his normal voice — that he just fulfilled his last advertised commitment and that it’s now “time to go home.”

“There’s been a lot of speculation for quite a while online if I’m going to be wrestling any longer or not,” Hardy said.

“WWE, fortunately, they let me fulfill all my advertised commitments, but tonight here in Corpus Christi this was the last advertised commitment I had. I never say never — or as “Woken” Matt Hardy would say, “Neva say neva” — but tonight here in Corpus Christi is most likely the last time you’ll ever see “Woken” Matt Hardy in a WWE ring.”

Hardy is then asked what’s next and he responds, “I have two young kids and a wife. It’s time for me to go home.”

Hardy also encouraged fans to support Bray Wyatt.

Hardy and Wyatt dropped the Raw Tag Team Championship to The B-Team at WWE Extreme Rules on July 15, and throughout August there were strong hints that Hardy’s wrestling career was coming to an end. This includes Hardy saying that his lower back and pelvis started fusing together, as well as his wife Reby confirming that he was entering a period of transition which could involve pursuing a backstage role in WWE.