The Anoa’i Family Reportedly Furious at WrestleMania 31, Reigns’ Father “Looking to Start a War”

The Wild Samoans

– Several members of the legendary Anoa’i family were very angry at the finish to the main event of WrestleMania 31 as plans were changed and Roman Reigns did not end up with the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

Reigns’ father, WWE Legend Sika, was said to be “looking to start a war” he was so upset. One WWE source commented to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

“Sika forgot this business is not real life, and was legit pissed at the finish and looking to start a war. A lot of the younger (family members) were rallying around Sika, but the other 45 or 50 of them talked some reason.”

Another person who was around the family during WrestleMania said they were furious, mad and disappointed but not out of control. While the family came for Rikishi’s Hall of Fame speech, they came more to see Reigns have his big WrestleMania Moment and win the title.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter