WWE Officials To Give Eva Marie A Huge Push, Lose Interest In Lana

Eva Marie

Eva Marie is due for a huge push in the future because top WWE executives see a lot of potential in her.

This is according to Dave Meltzer in this week’s issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, who also reported in the spring that company brass wanted to give Lana a major push. However, it was reported last week that they have already lost interest in giving “The Ravishing Russian” a huge push, instead seeing her as a supporting player. WWE now sees Eva Marie as the potential golden girl.

Apparently the rocket on Lana’s ass, so to speak, is about to be switched to Eva Marie per the people at the top. To Eva Marie’s credit, she is busting her own ass in training now but they are going with the storyline of the woman that everyone shunned and made fun of for being so bad who works hard and makes herself into a superstar.

Pushing Eva Marie makes sense from WWE’s perspective because she’s been one of the stars of Total Divas for the past two years and therefore is one of the more recognizable female talents on the roster. The current storyline this season is that the women are mad at her for taking two years to finally wrestle and getting training on her own.

The storyline plan will likely be something where she’s the woman that everybody shunned for a couple years (she was signed in 2013) and made fun of for being awful, but then she works hard to gain people’s respect, while turning into a superstar among WWE Superstars and Divas.

Eva Marie also recently signed a deal with super-agent Brad Slater, who is also Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s agent. That’s why Johnson wrote a long Instagram message about her when she wished him a happy birthday a few months ago.

Thank you to my homegirl Eva Marie for this very cool birthday message. What impresses me most about her is that she has a certain drive and determination that can only come from someone who knows what it’s like to have been down and to have struggled. Eva’s struggle has clearly created a fierce focus in her which is so cool to see and here’s the best part… she’s willin’ to put in the daily hard ass work to achieve and accomplish all of her goals in — and outside of the ring. It’s a real pleasure working with and mentoring this woman. Road is long and we’re just gettin’ started.. Plus I gave my word to our agent @bslater9 that I’ll make sure she always handles her business like a straight up G. #FutureWWEDivaChamp #OD #LetsGetToWork

With WWE and The Rock in her corner, Eva Marie should go far, but as always in wrestling, it’s no guarantee since her success will ultimately come down to how fans perceive her. And given WWE’s fickle nature, we’ll be probably be writing about a new flavor of the month sooner rather than later.