Is Alberto Del Rio Married?

Alberto Del Rio and Paige

Is Paige dating a married man?

Many websites, including Google, have said that Alberto Del Rio has a wife by the name of Angela Rodríguez. It has also been rumored that they are the parents of two daughters, Estephanie and Sophie, and a son named Joseph. Other than that, there is little information online regarding Angela.

A photo from their wedding at a church in Mexico did, however, leak online.

While Del Rio’s relationship with the Total Divas star would indicate that he is divorced, we could not say that with certainty. However, during a tour of India in July 2016 promoting WWE, the 39-year-old claimed that he is divorced (and therefore free to date Paige).

During an interview with NDTV where he discussed the process of being a video game character, Del Rio mentioned that he has an ex-wife.

“It feels like the real me. What they do with all those scans, it’s just amazing, it even captures all my expressions. When you’re playing the game, he moves just like me. I love playing with myself … that sounds like something my ex-wife would say,” Del Rio said with a laugh.

On August 22, 2016, Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet published a report revealing a nasty divorce battle between Del Rio and Angela.

The report was based on court documents Satin obtained that were filed at the end of June by Angela — the documents also revealed Angela’s maiden name as Velkei. She claims their marriage ended on May 27, 2016 due to adultery on the part of Del Rio, as well as discord and conflict in the relationship.

While it’s not specifically mentioned, the listed break-up date occurred two weeks after Del Rio and Paige went public with their relationship. Satin’s sources say the date is not a coincidence, implying that the relationship between the two wrestling stars and/or the photos publicizing it are key to the proceedings.

Del Rio is telling a different story, however. In documents filed the week before the report came out, the wrestler alleged their relationship ended in June 2015 because Velkei was “guilty of cruel treatment” towards him.

His legal team pushed for the case to be processed in Mexico, where the couple got married — Del Rio filed for divorce in the country in July 2016. Because of that, they believe Mexico should have “dominant jurisdiction over the proceedings.”

They also requested that Velkei be ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. Velkei attorneys, Raymond Rafool and Richard Orsinger, have asked the judge to issue a restraining order to limit contact between the two.

Both sides are pursuing full custody of their children, as well as ownership of assets such as their house and her car.

We’ll update you here with any pertinent details of the divorce proceedings as we get them.

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