There Is Tension Between Paige and Charlotte Over Alberto Del Rio

Paige vs. Charlotte

Before the two hooked up, Alberto Del Rio had a fling with Charlotte. The daughter of 16-time World Champion Ric Flair was previously married to Thomas Latimer, a fellow wrestler better known to fans as Bram in Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling. After their divorce was finalized on October 29, 2015, this left Charlotte free to date or be with whoever she wanted.

Del Rio returned to WWE that same month and briefly hooked up with Charlotte shortly thereafter. Now that he is with Paige, the relationship has caused tension between the two starlets. Their interactions with each other at work have been awkward, according to people in WWE, and the two are obviously not the best of friends.

Charlotte and Paige

Happier times: Charlotte and Paige hanging out during WWE’s tour of Mexico in October 2015

Vince McMahon, who is fond of using a wrestler’s real life in angles, is aware of their tension behind the scenes. He has used real life tension to fuel rivalries over the years, most notably in 2005 with Edge and Matt Hardy. The Chairman apparently had Charlotte and Paige wrestle each other on the May 9, 2016 edition of Raw to see if they would remain professional; there was nothing that would indicate they were taking physical liberties with each other.

In an attempt to draw some heat to their 2015 rivalry, Paige disparaged Charlotte’s late brother Reid — he died of a drug overdose on March 29, 2013 — on an episode of Raw. During a contract signing on November 16, 2015 for a Divas Championship Match at the Survivor Series, the “Anti-Diva” snarked, “He didn’t have enough fight in him, did he?” This led Charlotte to lunge across the table at her challenger, instigating a massive brawl that took a whole fleet of referees to put an end to.

It has been rumored that the program was ended prematurely due to Paige’s controversial remark. This, however, means there is still a lot they can do in WWE. Following their May 2016 match, McMahon told the creative staff to brainstorm some ideas in case he decides to revive their feud.

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