Big Cass Getting A Name Change When He Returns To Action?

Big Cass

WWE has filed a new trademark for Big Cass, which has led to the speculation that he could be known by a different ring name when he finally returns to action.

On March 30, WWE filed a trademark for “Colin Cassady,” which was his official name in NXT. Due to his partnership with Enzo Amore, he was nicknamed Big Cass, and then when they joined the main roster in April 2016, his name was officially changed to Big Cass.

This potential name change shows that WWE is looking to completely distance Cass from Amore, who was fired on January 23, one day after being suspended due to WWE’s zero tolerance for matters involving sexual harassment or sexual assault.

Cass has been backstage at WWE events in recent weeks after being cleared to return to action from injury in mid-March.

Cass has been out of action since undergoing surgery to repair an ACL tear suffered during a Brooklyn Street Fight against Amore on Monday Night Raw on August 21, 2017. In that bout, which had been completely dominated by Cass, Cass charged Enzo, who was on the apron. Enzo avoided him and Cass went over the top to the floor, landing badly on his left leg, which twisted wrong. Cass returned to the ring and even executed a bodyslam on Amore, after which he presumably told the referee that something was wrong. Cass went to rebound off the ropes for the Empire Elbow but his knee buckled and Cass went down. Cass rolled to the apron, where he was met by a WWE medical official.

Cass was in the midst of his first singles push at the time. He had been expected back by May.