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What Happened To Ashley Massaro? The Latest On Her

Posted by PWPIX on 06/09/2008

It's interesting to note that Ashley Massaro hasn't appeared on television -- or at any WWE function for that matter -- since the May 5 edition of Raw. Prior to her disappearance, Massaro was on Raw for seven consecutive weeks, including two appearances on pay-per-view.

The weekend before her last WWE appearance, Rolling Stone reported in an investigative article that Massaro was employed by a Los Angeles escort agency. Massaro later said on her MySpace page that she was "beyond upset" and urged fans to not "believe it for a second."

Massaro posted an update on her WWE status last week on her MySpace, claiming "family stuff" as the reason for her hiatus. Massaro wrote: "lil bit o family stuff goin on but I will be back on WWE tv quicker than you can say "when is ashley coming back on WWE tv"

Also, it has just come out that Massaro has been pulled from her scheduled autograph signing in Baltimore over the weekend. Jillian Hall will be filling in for her.

As far as the whole situation is concerned, while WWE more than likely didn't have much in the way for Massaro on television, I do believe that they are pretty much keeping her off television and company functions until the controversy dies down. At the very least they're obviously in no rush to use her or bring her back. It later came out that officials told Massaro to keep quiet on the whole thing. Also, with WWE allowing JBL to make a scripted escort joke on the Divas in a backstage segment on Raw a few weeks ago, it would appear that they too have conceded the allegations as true.

Even if WWE doesn't have much in the way of storylines for certain wrestlers, they usually appear backstage at television anyway in case they're needed. At the very least you'd think she'd do some little video segment for WWE.com, or appear in the background in some TV segment, but she was completely taken off the road. When Vince McMahon brought out the Raw roster for his "huge announcement" on Raw two weeks ago, Massaro was no where to be seen.

Regarding the canceled autograph signing, one would have to think that WWE nixed it so that she wouldn't get heckled by mischievous fans bringing the issue of Rolling Stone featuring the article on her.

Ashley's in a pretty bad spot now. I don't think she'll be fired over this whole thing, but it has put WWE in a rough patch. More than likely, she will be brought back to television, but you're just going to have to wait.

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