Drama In Las Vegas


Following WWE’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view event in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 19, 2016, rumors were running rampant that Paige had been arrested — photos circulated on social media showing the Total Divas star being escorted to an ambulance in handcuffs.

This naturally led to fan speculation that her “arrest” was fictitious and that she was being filmed for an upcoming episode of Total Divas or the WWE Network show Swerved. According to Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet, the incident was legitimate and Paige was indeed detained by law enforcement near Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department told Satin that officers were outside of Caesars Palace for an unrelated incident when they were notified of a woman who was seen running through the streets. After law enforcement approached the woman, she was quickly detained. They determined that she needed to be transported to a nearby hospital for undisclosed reasons.

Satin was told the woman was Paige, but law enforcement was unable to verify her name due to HIPAA laws. No charges were filed against Paige; WWE said in a statement that it was conducting an investigation into the incident.

Paige wrestled the following night on Raw, where she challenged Charlotte for the WWE Women’s Championship. Though Paige was unable to beat Charlotte for the title, the fact that she appeared at all, much less in a competitive bout, would seem to indicate that her standing with WWE was unaffected by the incident.

The incident was discussed by former WCW star Konnan on MLW Radio, who provided details he received from Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio was present with Paige when the incident went down.

According to Konnan, Paige and Del Rio went to see the variety show Absinthe at Caesars Palace after Money in the Bank. While there, a drunk couple began heckling them. This led to a confrontation where Paige was “accosted,” prompting law enforcement to be called.

Once the authorities arrived to the scene, everyone involved was handcuffed while they took statements to determine what happened. Paige was taken to an ambulance to confirm that she wasn’t hurt during the argument. After paramedics confirmed Paige was fine, she and Del Rio were permitted to leave without being charged.

Konnan confirmed an earlier report from PWInsider.com that there was nothing to reports saying an argument between Del Rio and Paige occurred. He also said neither was drunk.

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