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DH Smith
David Hart Smith
Harry Smith
David Hart Smith
  Real Name   Harry Smith
  Ring Name One   Harry Smith
  Ring Name Two   The Black Assassin
  Ring Name Three   DH Smith
  Ring Name Four   David Hart Smith
  Nickname One   "The Canadian Bulldog"
  Nickname Two   "Bulldog"
  Born   August 2, 1985
  Billed Height   6 foot 5 inches
  Billed Weight   260 pounds
  Billed From   Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  Hometown   Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  Resides   Tampa, Florida
  Trained By   Davey Boy Smith
  Trained By   Bruce Hart
  Trained By   Chris Benoit
  Debut   2000
  Finishing Maneuver   Running powerslam
  Finishing Maneuver   Brainbuster
  Finishing Maneuver   Bulldog Bite
»David Hart Smith was raised around some of the greatest figures to set foot in the ring. His father was "The British
»Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith. His uncles include the "Excellence of Execution," Bret "The Hitman" Hart, Owen Hart and
»Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart. And let us not forget that his grandfather is the legendary Stu Hart. Smith began training
»as a child and debuted in Calgary as a professional wrestler at the tender age of 15 years old. He competed in
»Canada before appearing in Japan and England. On the October 22, 2007 edition of Raw, Smith debuted in WWE and
»defeated another Superstar from a famed bloodline, Carlito. The second generation wrestler's success would be short-lived
»as he was suspended less than three weeks later for 30 days due to a violation of the company's Substance Abuse and
»and Drug Testing Policy alongside fellow Superstar Chris Masters. Following his return to action, Smith would primarily
»wrestle on Heat. In March 2008, Smith adopted the ring name "The Canadian Bulldog" and began wrestling as a tweener,
»alternating between face and heel roles. On the May 5, 2008 edition of Raw, Smith would be written off of television with
»John Bradshaw Layfield laying waste to him, thus resulting in a stretcher job. The following month, Smith was drafted to
»SmackDown in the 2008 Supplemental Draft. Smith, however, returned to Florida Championship Wrestling on August 26,
»without making his SmackDown debut. He made the decision to return to FCW on a full-time basis so he could mature,
»and put more effort into developing his in-ring work and his personality. On October 30, Smith won the FCW Florida Tag
»Team Championship with TJ Wilson, defeating Joe Hennig and Sebastian Slater, but they lost it to Tyler Reks and Johnny
»Curtis on December 11, 2008 at a Florida Championship Wrestling television taping. On April 15, 2009, Smith was drafted
»to the ECW brand as part of the 2009 Supplemental Draft, without making any appearances on SmackDown. Less than
»one month later, Smith, under the new ring name of David Hart Smith, would make his much anticipated return to World
»Wrestling Entertainment programming on an episode of ECW on Sci Fi, brutally attacking Finlay during his match with
»Tyson Kidd. Following the match, Natalya raised the hands of both Smith and Kidd, symbolizing the much anticipated
»formation of The New Hart Foundation — or The Hart Trilogy as they're now being referred to — in a WWE squared circle.
»Smith's offensive arsenal is a blend of moves for the new millennium and a tribute to his legendary father, "The British
»Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith. He has seen action against the likes of Finlay, Santino Marella, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, John
»Cena, Umaga, John Bradshaw Layfield, Mr. Kennedy and William Regal. In a brief period of time, Smith has been in the
»ring with Legends, established Superstars and impressive up-and-comers. Suffice it to say, this wrestler is one to watch.
»April 4, 2006: Harry Smith signs a contract with WWE just days after attending Bret Hart's WWE Hall of Fame induction.
»May 26, 2006: Harry Smith makes his in-ring debut in WWE, defeating Rob Conway at a live event in Boise, Idaho.
»June 5, 2006: Harry Smith makes his unofficial television debut, assisting Cena following a beatdown at the hands of ECW.
»October 14, 2006: Teaming with Venis, Smith is pulled off the road after suffering a loss to Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch.
»June 26, 2007: Smith becomes the first FCW Southern Heavyweight Champion, winning the strap in a 21-man battle royal.
»September 22, 2007: Harry Smith teams up with Dave Taylor at a live event in Missouri, losing to The Major Brothers.
»October 15, 2007: Smith competes in a dark match prior to Raw in England, defeating Carlito with a running powerslam.
»October 16, 2007: Smith loses the FCW Southern Heavyweight Championship as he couldn't make the referee's ten count.
»October 22, 2007: Makes his television debut under the name "DH Smith," defeating Carlito with a running powerslam.
»October 29, 2007: Harry Smith teams up with Jeff Hardy on Raw, defeating Carlito and Mr. Kennedy in a tag team match.
»November 2, 2007: Smith is suspended for 30 days due to a violation of WWE's Substance Abuse & Drug Testing Policy.
»December 2, 2007: Making his return from 30-day suspension, Smith defeats Santino Marella at a live event in Georgia.
»December 10, 2007: DH Smith pins Steve Corino in a dark match prior to the 15th Anniversary episode of WWE Raw.
»December 21, 2007: DH Smith makes his return to television, defeating Charlie Haas on an episode of WWE Heat.
»January 11, 2009: DH Smith garners a pinfall victory over local competitor Greg Cardona on an episode of WWE Heat.
»January 18, 2008: DH Smith suffers his first televised loss in WWE, losing to Santino Marella on an episode of WWE Heat.
»February 25, 2008: Making his first appearance on Raw in months, DH Smith suffers a squash match loss to Umaga.
»March 17, 2008: DH Smith is eliminated during a bout pitting John Cena and Randy Orton against the entire Raw roster.
»March 21, 2008: DH Smith ends his losing streak, garnering a victory over Robbie McAllister on an episode of WWE Heat.
»April 4, 2008: Working under the nickname the "Canadian Bulldog", DH Smith pins "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan on WWE Heat.
»April 11, 2008: "Canadian Bulldog" DH Smith suffers a pinfall loss at the hands of Paul Burchill on an episode of Heat.
»April 18, 2008: Continuing his role as a tweener, DH Smith obtains a victory over Super Crazy on an episode of WWE Heat.
»May 2, 2008: Courtesy of Hardcore Holly, "Canadian Bulldog" DH Smith suffers a pinfall loss on an episode of WWE Heat.
»May 5, 2008: "Canadian Bulldog" DH Smith is carted off on a stretcher following a loss to John Bradshaw Layfield On Raw.
»August 26, 2008: After a long absence away, DH Smith resurfaces in FCW, forming The Canadian Bulldogs with TJ Wilson.
»October 30, 2008: Smith wins the FCW Florida Tag Team Championship with TJ Wilson, defeating Joe Hennig and Slater.
»November 28, 2008: Smith teams up with TJ Wilson, suffering a dark match loss to Carlito and Primo prior to SmackDown.
»December 11, 2008: DH Smith and TJ Wilson lose the Florida Tag Team Championships to Tyler Reks and Johnny Curtis.
»April 15, 2009: Drafted to ECW as part of the 2009 Supplemental Draft, without making any appearances on SmackDown.
»May 12, 2009: Under the name "David Hart Smith," Smith makes his ECW debut, aligning with Tyson Kidd and Natalya.
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David Hart Smith - WWE Wrestler
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